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Personalised Training Programmes

The importance of following a programme that is specific to your fitness goals is paramount to your progress. Your time is finite so I want you to use it wisely. Training smart is just as important as training hard.


Whatever your goals may be - muscle building, fat loss, sports performance, functional or just looking to improve health, I can tailor a plan that meets your needs and ensure the time you spend in the gym is spent productively. 

What's included

Work Desk
Raw Vegetables
Gym Equipments

12 week programme tailored to your specific training goals and circumstances

Full details of specific exercises, rep ranges and rest periods clearly laid out

Nutrition advice along with calorie and macronutrient guidance

Guidance on which supplements may benefit you whilst on your programme

Email support for any questions you have for the 12 week duration of your plan

Advice on adapting your training once you've finished the programme

12 week programme

Important Information

Personalised programmes may take up to 4 days from the time of purchase.

Before purchasing any plan you will be prompted to fill out a client details form in order to provide me with the information I need to correctly tailor the plan to your needs. Please be thorough with the information you give and be sure to include any specific requirements or limitations you have. If unsure whether or not I am able to cater to your requirements, please get in contact via the email address below to enquire further.


All forms of exercise carry a risk of injury. Therefore, by following a training programme from Nick Crease Fitness, you do so at your own risk. No exercises should be performed unless you are confident you are able to do so safely. If you are unsure about correct form, you should seek in-person advice from a qualified trainer. Consult a medical professional before undertaking any exercise programme. Nick Crease is not a medical professional. Results are not guaranteed, and will primarily depend on factors such as your personal commitment, exercise history, genetics and other factors.

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